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Stéphane Nana is an occupational and organizational psychologist, graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and is registered with the Commission of Psychologists.

His research in psychology has focused on the adaptation of expatriate workers in Brussels. After having acquired several professional experiences, notably in Cameroon as publication director and editor-in-chief of the magazine mon psychologue and in several organizations in Belgium such as the asbl d’Cole, Manpower and the Welfare Unit of the Federal Public Service Strategy and Support.

He is in charge of psychosocial and organizational issues such as:

  • Accompaniment to professional mobility and adaptation of expatriates to situations of cultural differences;
  • Accompaniment to orientation, reorientation and socio-professional reconversion;
  • Accompaniment to the conciliation of work life – private life;
  • Psychological support to the difficulties of living of LGBTQIA+ people;
  • Psychological support of sex professionals (Striptease, erotic massages, prostitution and pornography actor/trice…);
  • Psychological support to the difficulties of being a professional;
  • Psychological support for social and economic integration difficulties (immigrants and newcomers);
  • Support for the social reintegration of prisoners;
  • Management of psychosocial risks (stress, Burn-out, Bore-out, moral and sexual harassment, alcohol and drug abuse, suicidal tendencies…);
  • Malaise and suffering at work (low self-esteem, feeling of personal efficiency, loss of meaning, conflicts of values, emotional demands, conflicts of interpersonal relations, difficulty in asserting oneself, assertiveness, dissatisfaction, self-depreciation, boredom at work…);
  • Existential problems;
  • Services on demand;
  • Parent-child mediation;
  • Management of relational conflicts and sentimental relationships;
  • Family cohesion problems;
  • Support for school and student dropouts;
  • Preparation of students for Erasmus trips to accompany these patients towards a better well-being, he combines a person-centered approach and guidance.

He offers online and face-to-face consultations in French and English.

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Les différents types de coaching

Améliorer mon niveau de structuration, rechercher les techniques de fonctionnement qui me correspondent et augmenter la confiance en soi.

  • Je commence à me connaître un peu mieux : Je décrypte mon profil de formation et les meilleures méthodes pour y parvenir.
  • Je décortique mon système d’organisation, ma gestion du temps et mes priorités. Je procède aux ajustements les plus pertinents.
  • Je décode et je mets à contribution mes forces pour optimaliser ma confiance en moi et mes aptitudes.
  • Je dépiste, je décortique, je discerne et je retire les barrières à mes acquisitions.