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I am a registered clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health industry for the last 28 years.

I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples who are faced with a difficulty, a problem or a crisis.

After I concluded my studies in Clinical Psychology at the university of Padua, on 1992, I followed for several years a training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, in parallel different training seminars and workshops mainly focused in the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and that of brief therapy, both in Greece and in Italy. I also followed a two-year master’s degree in community psychiatry. As my clinical experience developed in time, I integrated different aspects of systemic therapy, as well as a great part of the knowledge I acquired through my studies in Social Anthropology (Corso di Perfezionamento) and in the History of psychiatry (Phd). The knowledge and the consequent growth that derived from this integration, allows me to better approach, comprehend and respect the specific needs of my patients.

I developed my clinical practice in three countries, and have worked with a great spectrum of difficulties or pathologies, as for example difficulties related to special learning abilities and school performance, linguistic development, developmental issues, ADHDH, ADD, multi-linguistic families, families and individuals living abroad,

faced with great mobility, difficulties related to adolescence, stress, burnout, depression, grieving, trauma, divorce and separation, psychosomatic difficulties, the entire autistic spectrum etc. professional coach brussels

Although my training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy is mainly of Freudian orientation, with the passage of years I also came in contact with the thinking of C.G. Jung and I have dedicated time to deepen my knowledge in his writings and practice. As a consequence, it may happen that I integrate his reading of psychological suffering in different moments during our work with patients. I have contributed to the introduction of his thought in Greece through the translation of different books of distinguished Jungian psychoanalysts, as well as of the Phenomenological and Philosophical thought of contemporary Italian thinkers.

In every persons’ life there are moments of distress, difficulty, of crisis or of a disease, and of other forms of suffering, and in those circumstances, I believe, it would be useful, -apart from the individual effort to go through those instances -, to receive help, in order to create the possibility to go through the difficult or painful experience successfully, and to eventually succeed into transforming it in an opportunity of individual growth and development of the self. professional coach brussels

During the last 28 years I have been there, present to receive with respect, openness, empathy, sincerity and understanding any person that was found in a similar moment of the proper existence, and I continue with this approach until today.

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Améliorer mon niveau de structuration, rechercher les techniques de fonctionnement qui me correspondent et augmenter la confiance en soi.

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